Super Socks for Happy Feet!

I’ve been sharing lots of tips for happy feet here on the website – from basic foot care, to knowing what to look for in running shoes.

best socks for sweaty feet

But what about our socks?!

Wearing socks is just as important as the correct footwear, for the health and wellbeing of our feet.

I know, I know – socks just don’t look appealing with all types of shoes!

However, if you are participating in any type of sport or physical activity, wearing socks and shoes is essential.

Why Wear Socks?

We have numerous sweat glands in our feet, so socks are primarily worn to absorb sweat.

Socks not only help keep us (and our shoes) dry and comfortable – they also reduce our exposure to the bacteria which causes Athlete’s Foot.

And if that’s not enough to convince you to wear socks and shoes next time you go for a walk or run – they prevent foot odour as well!

But what are the best socks for sweaty feet? And which socks should you choose?

The market is flooded with fashion socks, sports socks, thermal socks, knee high socks, crew socks, compression socks, hiking socks, funny socks …

And there are so many different materials to choose from – the traditional cotton, wool and polyester blends, to the more extravagant silver-lined socks.

Have a chat with your local podiatrist, as they can definitely help.

At our podiatry clinic, we often recommend toe socks to our patients. They’re not just a crazy fad from the 70’s and 80’s – toe socks actually have many benefits!

Toe Socks Australia

Injinji toe socks

1 – Moisture management. By having each individual toe wrapped, the foot will be dryer and more comfortable than in traditional socks – which is especially important if you are hiking, running, or participating in any form of sport. Plus, it reduces the likelihood of developing infections, blistering and odour.

2 – Prevent Blisters. If you are a runner, you are likely wincing as you read this! The good news is, toe socks reduce the friction caused by your toes rubbing together, or against your shoes – and that means no more blisters.

3 – Sensory Feedback. Traditionally, distance runners wore toe socks to prevent blistering but also to provide them with valuable “sensory feedback”. The connection between our brain and our foot (and vice versa) is proven to receive more sensory stimulation with toe socks, than when all the toes are clumped together in one little bag. This is important as it allows the runner or athlete to direct their attention to a proper toe push off phase, during their strike.

4 – Total Foot Utilisation. Even if you are not into sports, toe socks ensure that your toes are properly aligned and splayed so that your body weight is distributed evenly. This allows your entire foot to be engaged as you walk. Toe socks optimise the biomechanics of your foot, and the sensory loop between your foot and brain.

When you visit your local podiatrist with any foot concerns, they will not only assess your biomechanics, but also your choice of socks and footwear, in order to make specific recommendations for your individual needs.

That’s why we now stock Injinji Toe Socks at our Redlands podiatry clinic.

Introducing Injinji Toe Socks

Are they the best socks for sweaty feet? We think so!

The design and construction of these socks is second to none.

In addition to  a seamless design for maximum comfort, Injinji toe socks keep your feet dry and cool thanks to a mixture of quality materials:

  • Cool Max – a moisture management fibre with wicking properties;
  • Nu Wool – a non-itchy Australian merino wool, which provides temperature and moisture control; and
  • Lycra – a flexible material with bio-directional stretch, for comfort and durability.

The Injinji range includes socks for different activities, eg running, hiking, work and business, each with different padding, thicknesses etc; and in various styles such as crew socks, knee highs and no show socks.

There is even a range of compression socks, perfect for boosting circulation in diabetics, and to relieve muscle fatigue in active people.

So next time you visit our Redlands Podiatry Clinic, talk to us about Injinji toe socks – they’ll make your feet smile!