Summer Foot Care Tips

The summer holidays are almost upon us, a time to go footloose and fancy free!

However, summer is also a time when our feet are more exposed – and that can lead to all sorts of problems.

Put your best foot forward, with these tips for summer holiday foot care …

summer holiday foot care tips

Pedicure Season

For the ladies, summer means pedicures – and a good excuse for a bit of pampering.

As a foot care professional, I recommend being selective about where you get your pedicure done and choose a salon where hygiene is a top priority. I’m not a fan of the popular foot spa chairs, mainly because I can’t help but wonder what sort of bacteria could be lurking in the jets – even if basins are disinfected after each use.

Summer Footwear

One of the delights of summer is ditching the constraints of everyday life, and that includes your footwear. It’s a time to slip on a pair of thongs, or even go barefoot!

Some people find they get sore feet and calf muscles after wearing thongs for a few days. This is usually because their feet are accustomed to a more supportive shoe (eg school shoes or fully enclosed footwear for work). The foot has to work a lot harder when wearing thongs, leading to muscle fatigue, aches and pains.

You may find it more comfortable to wear thongs by Orthaheel or Vionic, both of which you may find stocked at your local podiatrist clinic.

Happy Holiday Feet

Wearing open backed shoes such as thongs, slides and sandals, also allows the fat pad on your foot to spread, which can cause cracked dry heels. To avoid this painful as well as unsightly condition, apply a moisturising lotion such as sorbolene with Vitamin E cream before bedtime .

And while we’re talking about lotion, don’t forget your feet whenever you use sunscreen – there’s nothing fun about sunburnt feet!

Long Haul Travel

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be taking a summer holiday overseas!

To avoid puffy sore feet after a long haul flight, drink lots of water and make a point of doing a couple of simple exercises every hour or two to keep the circulation flowing. You can try ankle flexes and toe wiggles while seated – or go for a walk around the plane and stop for a couple of calf stretches.

We also recommend wearing compression socks to protect against DVT (deep vein thrombosis), especially if you are 40+. Not all compression socks are the same, so at Trevor Lane Podiatry we measure, fit and supply you with the ones that are most suited to your needs.

Let’s Get Wet

We all know it’s a good idea to avoid going barefoot when showering in the amenities block at the caravan park.

However I also encourage the use of footwear even around the pool at your luxury resort, to reduce the risk of picking up an unwanted souvenir like the plantar wart virus or tinea …

The humidity at this time of year means that tinea and other nasties can thrive, so it’s important to dry your feet thoroughly after showering or swimming. Make sure you dry in between each toe, and don’t share towels.

Beach Feet

There’s nothing like the feel of wet sand between your toes – but it pays to be careful even at the beach, to avoid injury. Cuts and scrapes from coral often become infected, and can take weeks or even months to heal.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy summer fun and avoid foot problems – because no matter how much you may like your local podiatrist, I’m pretty sure that you’d prefer not to have a reason to visit them during your holidays!