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Looking for a Podiatrist with Online Booking?

This month’s foot care tip is a little bit different to the normal.

It’s about how at our Redlands podiatry clinic, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, and better help our patients.

So we are excited to announce the launch of our online booking system, which allows you to make an appointment 24/7!

New Online Booking System

Now it’s even easier for you to book to see a podiatrist, for those times when your feet are in need of some expert attention.

Even if you are a brand new client at our podiatry clinic, you will love the ease and convenience of being able to make a booking online.

No matter what time of the day or night, you can make an appointment to see one of our podiatrists. You can choose a time and day to suit you, and even pick your podiatrist.

Your Security Matters

Ensuring the security of your information is important to us, which is why we have invested in one of the best online booking software packages.

When you book online with our Redlands podiatry clinic, you should notice two things:

  1. the green lock symbol in the address bar;
  2. and the URL which starts with “https://”.

Make sure you always look for these two signs whenever you are making a payment online, or entering sensitive information such as your date of birth, passwords, and physical address.

If you can’t see the green lock symbol, and the URL doesn’t start with https:// – do NOT enter your information, as the website is not secure and you are at risk.

The Best Podiatrist in Redlands?!

It’s no secret – at Trevor Lane Podiatry, we strive to be the very best podiatrist in the Redlands.

After all, we have not only been providing foot care in the Redlands for over 20 years, we:

  • are the only Redlands podiatry clinic providing foot mobilisation technique, which may help you to achieve a full range of movement following injury;
  • use the latest technology (such as computerised gait scanning) in the diagnosis and treatment of any foot problems;
  • have both male and female podiatrists available;
  • stock a range of quality footwear, from school shoes to running shoes and even thongs, designed to support your feet in style and comfort.
  • are proud to offer friendly, personal service including professional shoe fitting;
  • regularly share helpful foot care tips here on our website;
  • and offer a secure online booking system.

So next time you need to come to our podiatry clinic, you can make an appointment quickly and easily using our new online booking system 24/7, or by calling 3207 4736 during business hours.