Meet our Redlands Podiatrists

We might be slightly biased, but we reckon we have three of the best podiatrists in the Redlands at our clinic!

This month, we thought we’d spill the beans so you can find out what they get up to when they’re not providing expert foot care.

Principal Podiatrist Trevor Lane

Redlands podiatrist Trevor Lane

Having worked as a Redlands podiatrist for over 20 years, Trevor’s area of special interest is the correlation between the feet, legs and lower back.

He is particularly passionate about the science of biomechanics, and helping athletes to understand it as well, so that they can perform better in their chosen sport.

Trevor loves outdoor pursuits like camping, fishing, skiing, hiking, and surfing, and has participated in local team sports such as touch football and indoor soccer.

Redlands podiatrist Trevor Lane at the snow

When not on an outdoor adventure, our principal podiatrist loves spending time with his family – cooking up a storm in the kitchen or on the BBQ, relaxing outside in the garden, walking the dog, or riding his bike.

Nina Hunter

Our designer extraordinare, Nina has a passion for fashion, and an eye for detail.

female podiatrist Redlands Nina Hunter

Even though she’s a true people person, she can’t help but show off her love for animals – and she’s a foodie at heart.

Nina chose podiatry over a life in nursing and has never looked back.

Her colleagues at our Redlands podiatry clinic will tell you that Nina is friendly no matter what, and is never grumpy. And even if she was, she wouldn’t show it! She always has a happy face, and is in good spirits.

She is a good listener and always has great suggestions to make things better around the clinic.

Nina is partial to iced chocolate drinks, or in fact anything chocolate – and goes to the gym regularly to keep fit – maybe to compensate for her chocolate indulgences!

In her spare time, Nina loves spending time with family and friends, the outdoors, watching comedy and drama movies, and losing herself in a good book.

Lachlan Whitwell

Lachlan has always loved the sciences and nature, originally planning to become an ecologist or zoologist.

Redlands podiatrist Lachlan Whitwell

After a stint volunteering at the museum in the Arachnology department, Lachlan realised he much preferred to see animals alive and in their natural habitat, than in jars.

So Lachlan chose podiatry instead, and we are very glad he did! As a podiatrist he enjoys the opportunity to combine science, problem solving, and helping a wide range of people.

Lachlan likes to unwind with a good nature documentary, or by going bush walking, particularly with his fiancée or other friends. He cherishes the times when he can drop off the map for a while, either camping or overseas.

Eventually Lachlan hopes to do some not-for-profit health care work in the Pacific or Asia, but in the meantime, he “scratches that itch” with his involvement in Rotaract, which helps out communities in need – from local schools to refugee camps in Cyprus.

Lachlan is studying online for a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, which he feels will benefit his practice now, and may present some interesting opportunities in the future.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our foot care team a little better – and remember, you can now book a Redlands podiatrist online, or call us today on 3207 4736.