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Digital Gait Scan

We have seen great strides (pardon the pun!) in the technology available to podiatrists over the past couple of decades: for example, with the introduction of the digital gait scan.

getting a digital gait scan

As part of our commitment to providing our clients with superior foot care, our Redlands podiatry clinic is equipped with the latest technology. 

Having a computerised gait scanner allows us to conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify and prevent any potential issues with the way you are walking, long before they have a chance to negatively affect your mobility, health and overall quality of life.

With a digital gait scan, we are able to detect potential long-term issues in the early stages. Diabetes, differences in limb length or even seemingly minor biomechanical flaws in your foot, ankle or leg, place undue wear and tear on your body during movement and could eventually cause significant pain.

How a Digital Gait Scan Works

By using a computerised gait scan, we can capture a wealth of information about your gait (the way you walk) –  far more than can be detected by just observing you as you walk down a corridor. In years gone by, podiatrists had to rely on this, as well as an examination of your foot and the wear and tear on your footwear, to indicate any potential problems.

Our digital gait scan on the other hand is comprised of around 4000 sensors, with a scan rate of approximately 300 frames per second – so it’s no wonder it can pick up the slightest issue!

By capturing approximately one million points of data, the gait scan allows your Redlands podiatrist to analyse the actual pressure on specific areas of the sole, through each of the three stages of gait:

  • The heel strike phase;
  • Mid-stance – when your foot is directly on the floor and your body is directly above your foot; and
  • The toe off stage.

“Prevention is better than cure” as the saying goes, and a gait scan reveals any signs of overload in a particular area before it becomes a problem. This is particularly useful for a number of reasons.

gait scan example, high pressure areas in red

Identifying Over Use Injuries

A lot of the conditions we see in our Redlands podiatry clinic are due to over use.

Over use does NOT mean that you have done too much or too little. Rather, it may be that there is a biomechanical flaw in the way that the foot works in conjunction with the ankle, knee and back, and over time this repetitive strain, stress and excessive load takes its toll.

As a result that particular structure or affected area of the body becomes fatigued. When fatigue occurs, the chances of injury increase, which can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life.

Gait Scan for Diabetics

A digital gait scan is just one of the ways a podiatrist can assist diabetics, whose poor circulation and reduced nerve sensitivity compromise their foot health.

With our computerised gait scan, your Redlands podiatrist is able to assess the loads under the various points of the sole of your foot. We know what is considered a normal load for a particular area on your foot – based on your foot size, the shoe that you’re wearing, the surfaces you’re walking on, and most importantly, your body weight.

If we diagnose overload, one of the conditions which may be prevented is ulceration of the sole of the foot.

Early detection with gait scan means that we pick up any potential issues long before you notice them – and we can then work out a strategy to help you stay on your feet long into the future. We may prescribe an insole, orthotics, padding or shoe modification, in a bid to reduce that excessive load and prevent future complications.

Should an ulcer develop, the gait scan allows us to measure the load and then design a device or innersole specifically for your foot and biomechanics. This assists the healing process, reducing the risk of infection or even amputation – which would have a huge impact on your life.

We think you’ll agree that a digital gait scan is an excellent diagnostic tool, and it’s just one example of how we put your feet first at our Redlands podiatry clinic!

If you are interested in a gait scan, or have any concerns with your feet or lower limbs, call 3207 4736 or make an appointment online.