Paraffin Wax Footbath

Paraffin wax has a specific characteristic in that it has a very high capacity to retain heat. Simply, paraffin is used to transfer heat to the core of the affected area.

The therapeutic benefit  of a paraffin wax footbath occurs by dipping your foot into a bath of medical grade liquid paraffin, in its liquid state it retains more heat, as it solidifies the heat given off (heat of fusion), transfers that heat from the wax bath to the affected area.

The transfer of heat:  parafin wax bath1

  • penetrates the joints,
  • relieving pain and stiffness
  • opening the pores of the skin
  • increases circulation
  • skin is softened & radiant

Your paraffin wax footbath is covered by Department of Veteran’s Affairs for Gold Card Holders. It is also available through registered Health Funds depending on your level of cover.