Welcome to Trevor Lane Podiatry

Over the past twenty years, Trevor Lane Podiatry has become one of the Redlands’ most trusted podiatry clinics. We are the foot care professionals, offering expert assessment and treatment for all types of foot and lower limb concerns.

Trevor Lane Podiatry comprises a team of three podiatrists holding current Queensland registration, and two receptionists. We are providers for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and also Medicare’s E.P.C. program, and the only podiatry clinic in the Redlands offering Foot Mobilisation Therapy.

From our modern, well-equipped premises, we offer foot care for the whole family: orthotic-innersole correction, professional shoe fitting and supply (eg kids school shoes), gait scans, treatment for sports injuries, foot fractures, diabetes-related foot concerns, and general palliative care.

To find out more, you can browse this website, send us a message or book an appointment at our Birkdale podiatry clinic by calling 3207 4736 today.

At What Age do our Feet Stop Growing?

when do your feet stop growingDid you know, for example, that:

  • Your toes begin to form between 3 and 4 months’ gestation;
  • Children’s feet double in size between the ages of 0 to 4; and,
  • Even when you have stopped growing, your feet will continue to change in size and shape as you get older (and heavier!).

Find out what is considered “normal” foot growth and development in children, and when they will finally stop growing and needing bigger shoes all the time, in this month’s foot care tip from our Redlands Podiatry Clinic. Click to read more …